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Generations of the Australian Labradoodle

Labradoodles generations are classified by the breeding of the specific parents.
F1 also known as the First Gen is the offspring of 1 Poodle parent and 1 Labrador parent. Because of this being the first breeding of 2 different dogs. coats from the puppies of this type of breeding are basically hit and miss on shedding and no shedding coats. This breeding is half and half of Lab and Poodle. puppies could develop hip dysplasia as it grows older. Some could develop eye problems Poodles are known for. Responsible Breeders are aware of these challenges, constantly health test their dogs to make sure they dont carry any of these physical weaknesses. Breeders want to produce the most healthy puppies.
Next we have the F1B this is a puppy from a First Gen or a Multigen parent and a poodle. The coats on these puppies turn out perfect cause of the inclusion of the poodle. 

F1 Generation X F1 Generation

This is a F2 puppy with both parents being Labradoodles, unfortunately with this type of breeding, you may end up with dogs with hair coats that still produce dander to trigger allergies, unfortunately no way to tell what type of coat till the puppy is an adult.


F2 back to a purebred Lab or Purebred Poodle

F2 X F2

You get a F3 puppy, if you cross breed a F3 back with a poodle or Lab you will get your hypoallergenice coat you are aiming for.

F3 X F1

You get a F3B puppy
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