Stony Brook
Australian Labradoodles

Hi, We're John & Donna

We’re the breeders behind Stony Brook Australian Labradoodles, LLC located in Wewahitchka Fl. Stony Brook is built upon a foundation of love, admiration, and respect for the Australian Labradoodle. We strive to produce outstanding puppies that are structurally sound, healthy, intuitive and have wonderful temperaments. We are passionate about these dogs and look forward to sharing the breed with others who love it just as much as we do!

More About Us

Explain a little bit more about you two.

“We are very involved in our kennel club and am passionate about our policies and goals. Our dogs are a huge part of my life, and we enjoy spending time with them; whether that be through completing our various day-to-day activities together or just cuddling up at night. This breed is my passion, and we love spending my life with them. “

How did you get into breeding?

” We love the temperament of Australian Labradoodles, and we knew they were the right breed for us. As responsible, ethical breeders, we play an important role in the future of the dog ecosystem. We are guardians for the future Australian Labradoodles. Our goal is to breed quality puppies and preserve the line of these incredible companions. We are working to get the breed a proper designation. “

What makes your breeding program special?

” At Stony Brook, we produce excellent companions. We understand the importance of dog health, temperament, and structure, and every breeding decision is made accordingly. We are also constantly improving our breeding program and work closely within the Australian Labradoodle community to do so. “

How Stony Brook Got Started

After over 30 years in retail Donna and I decided it was time for something different. While exploring options we helped out a family member with her kennel ( a different breed ) and quickly became interested in raising dogs. After months of research to determine which breed we liked the best we found Australian Labradoodles. We liked the idea that Australian Labradoodles are health tested to ensure breeding stock is free from hip/elbow problems along with numerous other hereditary diseases. We found they are also considered hypoallergenic and low shedding which makes them a perfect indoor companion. We soon made the decision to purchase our first Australian Labradoodle “lil miss Hershey’s KitKat” aka KitKat, and it was love at first sight!

We now have 3 adult dogs and enjoy spending our days with them and working with families to find the right puppy match for them. We have helped families all over the country find their new family members. It is so rewarding when they first meet their new puppy for the first time.

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