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An Australian Labradoodle Is The Perfect Addition To Your Family
located in rural Northeast Mississippi. With a “stony brook” meandering through our twelve acres of woodlands teeming with wildlife, and open fields, our Labradoodles have ample areas to run and play.
Our pups are raised in our home along with Callie our cat and Chase our rescue dog, long time, beloved pets. Our home is often filled with our eight grandchildren who are always close by.
Stony Brooks' Labradoodles are carefully chosen from only the finest pedigrees and can be traced back to the original breeders, Rutland Manor and Tegan Park, both located in Australia.
We focus with our breeding on maintaining the purity of the breed. Therefore our Labradoodles are authentic and multigenerational. We are not a commercial kennel and believe in quality over quantity producing only a small number of litters per year to maintain that goal.
Australian Labradoodles are both non shedding and hypoallergenic, making them ideal pets for those with allergies. They have hair instead of fur that's what makes this possible.
Our pups are health tested and have received all the inoculations necessary for their age, and come with a two year health guarantee. (see our information packet for further details). You can get that in the below link.
Adoption ApplicationInformation Packet
Our Labradoodles range in size from medium to standard. They will come to your home with basic training started, including crate training, leash training, as well as potty training.
We only place our pups in homes that have been thoroughly vetted. They are members of our family and we strive to match them to loving forever homes.
If your family is looking for a loving, smart, playful and CUTE pet, suitable for all ages we have found through much research, that the Australian Labradoodle would be an excellent choice.
We look forward to speaking with you to help you choose just the right pet for your home.
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